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Appellate Attorneys

Watkins Bradley LLP focuses on appellate litigation and dispositive district court motions. 

All of our attorneys have served as law clerks in federal appellate or district courts.

Our team works closely with clients and their attorneys to provide high-quality, cost-effective representation and advice tailored to the circumstances and specific issues of the case.



Watkins Bradley wins Second Circuit appeal, overturning district court's award of equitable relief pursuant to fraudulent transfer.​

Deerbrook Ins. Co. v. Mirvis, No. 20-1385, 2021 WL 4256845 (2d Cir. Sep. 20, 2021)

MAY 2020

Partner Adam Francois Watkins and colleagues prevail before the en banc 7th Circuit Court of Appeals, preserving their clients' multi-million dollar verdict against county and jail guard for deliberate indifference and violation of civil rights under 42 U.S.C. § 1983.
J.K.J. v. Polk County, 960 F.3d 367 (7th Cir. 2020) (en banc)

Services Offered

Full Appellate Representation

We handle the entire appeal, including briefing, oral argument, and Rule 28(j) letters

Brief Writing

We write the brief(s) on your behalf but do not enter an appearance in the appeal


We advise you on issues to raise on appeal, legal strategy, and approaches for individual judges on your panel


We edit your briefs for content and clarity

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